Traffic flow control app

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology combined with an awareness campaign to speed up the public transport network


One of the most significant challenges facing our transport networks is the ever increasing demand placed upon it, leading to congestion and poor passenger experience. Tasked with looking at ways to speed up the public transport network in the face of this issue, we devised a way to encourage drivers to be more considerate in letting buses out from a bus stop.

Using number plate recognition technology, running when a bus has just been stationary at a stop, we can identify cars that allow a bus driver to pull out into the traffic. Drivers of such cars are then able to claim rewards, which is our way of saying ‘Thank You’. Dubbed ‘Thank You Cam’, the project is an example of how innovation can make a service used by millions of people every day, a better experience. The project is also a part of our strategy to make public transport better by introducing a number of incremental improvements, which together can make a real difference! ‘Thank You Cam’ is currently piloting on our streets.