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Large scale community building for msngr app. Engaging over 100 million users in a clever new chat app with Hootsuite integration, WAP development, device testing and product marketing

Myriad have an in-house engineering team developing their flagship digital product msgnr. As a product team ourselves, we’re able to support them in a variety of ways; from marketing and end user engagement to the development and testing of supporting applications. We’re able to work alongside the msngr team and provide frictionless support in a fast paced production environment.

Most recently we’ve worked with Myriad and the team at Hootsuite to build an application that allows channel managers to push brand content directly to the app. With Hootsuite being the platform that many are already using to manage brand campaigns on social media channels, we've built cross posting options that allow content to be posted straight to msngr too.

Applying the msngr branding across a range of digital collateral

We’re specialists at applying established brands across digital collateral in a considered way. The team at Myriad tasked us to do just that in a variety of digital multi-lingual settings; from email campaigns, to partner user guides and channel competitions. We’ve also set up campaigns and supported migrating their daily management in-house as their team grows.

Often these marketing front-ends tap directly into product API end-points and are key to supporting the product mission; the service stability status page shown is a great example of this.

msngr service stability status page, with a smiling face for when times are good

msngr service stability status page, with a smiling face for when times are good

Trimly designed emails for low data consumption downloads

Trimly designed emails for low data consumption downloads

Trimly designed emails

Email communications have to be slim because of the high cost of data and smart phones in Latin America.

Serious file size reduction for WAP

WAP might not be a term you’ve heard for a few years. In Latin America, where msngr is hugely popular, feature phones that connect to the internet using WAP are still a huge market. Combine this with the cost of data and it becomes clear that a full site experience isn’t feasible. We began to develop WAP content that was much cheaper for users to access as part of the product on-boarding steps.

We needed to build a detection system on the websites that could redirect WAP users to the smallest site possible. Every kilobyte counts when you’re on WAP, so we needed to make the detection as soon as possible in the client browser.

With a lot of feature phones in our on-site device lab, we we’re able to test these pages on the actual devices that users would be downloading from. The job was to make sure WAP devices were directed appropriately to the WAP site, and making sure devices that should see the whole site could see the full branded experience. Thanks to the lab, we were able to confidently deliver a full test.

Our approach of build, learn and iterate has been used to successfully support Myriad in their mission to grow msngr in LatAm. Our work with them is a great example of how we can support in-house teams to deliver on a product vision.

If you'd like us to help support your vision with our expertise in user engagement, drop us a line. We love anything that fits our socially useful innovation mission.

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