We’re hiring: Mobile App (Android) Engineer 3-6 month contract

Why you should seriously consider joining us on the journey. #Android

Published on 22nd March 2017 by Matthew Morgan

After a successful year working on our transport product, Passenger we’re looking for a little extra help to get us through our next big push!

We typically work in sectors where there are big opportunities for technology to challenge the status quo. A big focus for us at the moment is in transport, where we know that operators face some big challenges in managing large physical networks. We help them to communicate and interact (buy tickets, top up smartcards, etc) with their customers in real time, which keeps things moving. Check out our latest transport offering over at discoverpassenger.com to find out more.

To help us deliver efficiently we’ve invested time in developing how we deploy quickly and robustly across platforms. This helps us to release early on behalf of clients and test what we all think we know, with the only people that really matter, the end-users.

As part of the next step in our journey, we’re looking for someone to join us and help to shape the future of our app team. What sets us apart is our love of the tech community we belong to, and not just locally. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to turn our passions into things that benefit everyone. Things like ODL Bournemouth and Re:Develop, both amazing side projects in their own right and a big part of what is making Bournemouth and the South Coast of England a great place to be a developer.

Local heroes: The Open Device Lab in Bournemouth is a developers’ Petri dish for the “internet of things”. It has the world’s biggest collection of gadgets on which programmers can test their software, with more than 440 devices from 61 manufacturers.”

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For an informal chat about the role, drop Matt Morgan a call on 01202 766666. You can download the job description too. No recruiters, please.

Published on 22nd March 2017

Operations Director

Matthew Morgan