An Afternoon of Jumping

It seemed like a while since we stepped out of the office as a team and what better way to way to rectify that then to spend an hour jumping up and down?

Published on 20th March 2017 by Matthew Morgan

Seems that with all the hard work in the last part of 2016 we’ve not had the chance to break away from our desks and blow off steam. As is the general custom we like to break out at least once a quarter for a little team based fun, this time the group voted to bounce. And who am I to argue?


The first thing to hit me, besides Jon’s foot, was that I am not as young, light, or fit as I thought I was. Less than five minutes in found more than just my arm pressed against the wall having a good old “lean” to regroup.


To say we were graceful, or without fault would be a bare faced lie. However, never let it be said we don’t run into the face of adversity with arms wide open.


Without wanting to give a play by play account of an action packed 80 minutes, I’ll simply offer this up, if you think you’re fit enough we’ll see you on the dodgeball court (we’ll be the ones sitting down and catching our breath).


As always our intrepid cameraman Luke was on hand to capture highlights (and lowlights) and has pulled together the video below. Credit to Luke, he’s made our relatively trivial and embarrassing moments seem like we had a bit of skin in the game.

For anyone, without any apparent medical conditions, I think we’d all recommend sticking your head into Activate Trampoline Park over in Ferndown industrial estate, we had a great time and best of all you get to keep the special socks they make you buy!

Published on 20th March 2017

Operations Director

Matthew Morgan