Afternoon adventure at Altitude

Roast lunches, high, and slightly less high, ropes and a little bit of vertigo. How Base spent an adventurous afternoon.

Published on 15th July 2016 by Ariella Thompson

After the fun and good times of our Leap Day adventure, the powers that be at Base decided we should enjoy an adventure day more often. So last Friday, after a morning of #BaseBakeOff and work, the team left the office, went for a roast and then headed to Littledown Centre for an afternoon of monkeying around at Altitude.

Some of us weren’t worried at all.

Some of us were a little more… concerned.


Before we got to the climbing around part, we played some team building games. These proved to be more of a challenge than we anticipated, but we had a few goes and got there in the end.

Eventually we got to go through the gates, and were fitted for the harnesses and helmets. (Two of us have child sized heads… but I won’t name names.)


The first challenge for us was to see how high we could get up these logs in teams of four. The logs got further apart the further up you got, and some people definitely had a height advantage! (cough Jon) Points were scored based on what log the lowest member of your team made it to. Those people left on the ground learnt how to safely belay those climbing. Matt took photos.


Next, we moved onto the low ropes. Which, honestly, didn’t feel that low when you were up there. Matt conquered his vertigo for this part, and joined us climbing round the course (which is why we have no photos).

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.09.42

After going round once, some of the more daring of us took proffered blindfolds and completed the course without the help of their eyes.

After a couple of goes round we moved up to the high ropes. Aptly named, it is high up there, the light breeze was enough to shake the platforms disconcertingly.

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After we’d all made it safely round the high ropes course and back to the tower, we moved up another level to the very top of the tower, where the instructors attached us, one at a time, to a rope and then told us to “step off the platform into the air“. Terrifying. A fan slowed our descent so we could land, erm, gracefully.


We had a fantastic time. Altitude was challenging, but heaps of fun.

To see all our pictures from the day, check them out on Flickr.

Published on 15th July 2016

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Ariella Thompson