Our digital products and services for bus, tram and rail operators.

At a pivotal time for public transport, Passenger brings together mobile app ticketing, real time network information and customer analytics into one cloud platform for operators.

For their customers it provides the high quality, integrated touchpoint that the customer experience really needs.

Rapid prototype iPhone app

Working with the Coastal Safety team at RNLI we developed a prototype iPhone mobile app that visitors could use to plan ahead and stay safe.

Myriad Group's msngr

Large scale community building for msngr app. Engaging over 100 million users in a clever new chat app with Hootsuite integration, WAP development, device testing and product marketing

Retail campaign iPad app

An iPad magazine app to support Garmin's Summer Training campaign launch

Traffic flow control app

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology combined with an awareness campaign to speed up the public transport network